Ron Watroba

Career Planning Expert

Ron Watroba is Jia’s expert in career planning. With two decades of expertise in the field of career management, Ron knows the value of client care and has built a robust clientele in the APAC region, in Europe but also in the United States.

Ron believes that career management requires coaching, hence he follows people from the idea stage to the implementation stage. With approximately four hundred mandates completed and thousands of interviews organized as of today, he has proudly helped hundreds to fulfil their dreams and now brings his expertise to the Jia family, because career planning and professional performance are two of the pillars of a successful family. Especially when in comes to cross-border settlement, development and integration.

Over the years, Ron’s passion for delivering advice within a family planning context has seen him play an active role with several Hong Kong and Mainland China based families. He remains truly proud to have played his part in the ongoing development of the persons referred, with regular contact maintained to this day.

As JIA family members face different kind of personal challenges, Ron Watroba’s specialist guidance and support in a caring and empathetic manner are at best to solve the multiple challenges onwards. How can we help you today?