Rainbow Hui

CEO, Founder

As a kid, Rainbow Hui lived in a big family, in a village of the Canton province, in mainland China. When her mother would shout a loud “Dinner time!” she would drop everything and, no matter where she was, would run as far as she could to be with her large family. Sticking together is what families do, and this is the spirit on which Rainbow built the Jia Family Office.

Rainbow is a woman with a very international background and experience. After her studies, she lived in France in the late 1990’s and traveled from one place to another before coming back to Hong Kong where her close ones were based. Instead of looking for a job, she however picked an entrepreneurial route and became an independent insurance agent for the AIA insurance company to build a personal, reliable and family-like network of clients and partners who soon considered her as their trusted family adviser.

Over the years, Rainbow took care of over six hundred families and settled over two thousand claims on their behalf, thus creating a strong and very personal link with everyone of them.  A few years ago, one of her clients and friend got in touch. Her daughter was facing issues in her life and needed to change air, so Rainbow welcomed her for several weeks. After hours of caring, talking and living together, what Rainbow understood was that what a family need is not just insurance, and that the typical family offices on the market fail to provide proximity and actual care. So, she decided to create a different type of family office.

With Jia, Rainbow Hui opens a new door. As a concierge-type of family office, Jia of course provides its high net worth clients with the usual family office services, from tax planning to wealth management. Yet, what really matters is Jia’s focus on family care and family governance.
From helping a family to build a vision for the years to come, to helping with building the right trusts for future generations and to providing personal support when people need it the most, Jia changes the way things operate. So much more than a family office, don’t you think?