Michelle Gao

Taiwan Expert

Michelle Gao has strong financial background and has worked in the financial industry for more than 25 years. She was born in Taiwan and has the deep understanding and research of family businesses in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. With strong investment research ability and rich practical experience, she provides clients with asset allocation, wealth management, family inheritance planning and management services of family businesses.

JIA Family office is a professional organization focusing on providing professional services such as asset allocation, investment consulting, family inheritance and management, as well as personalized lifestyle services. JIA also pays special attention to the maintenance of family interpersonal relationship which reflecting JIA’s human-based enterprise development purposes.

Ms Gao is gentle, sincere and customer-oriented. In the past years of project counseling and teaching in humorous style, she has won the favor and trust of clients. Combining the psychological aspects of clients, she finds the problems very accurately. Would you like to have a nice talk with Ms Gao?