Lisa Li

Risk Management Expert

Ms Shuang Li has been committed to the research and practice of wealth risk management and wealth inheritance of high net worth individuals in China, and has made depth research on the prevention and inheritance effect of private wealth risk by law, tax, life insurance, private trust, immigration, financial investment and financial management and other comprehensive wealth management methods.

She takes rigorous and meticulous attitude to work and devotes herself to providing one-stop, customized and exclusive solutions for clients’ families, so that clients have no worries. In addition, she will pay more attention to personalized and exclusive services for family members. In view of the comprehensive knowledge structure and rich experience accumulated by Shuang Li in the fields of private trust, immigration, asset preservation, family business, family legal affairs, family wealth protection and inheritance, etc., she has been hired by celebrities and entrepreneurs as private legal counsel for high-end individuals, providing efficient, comprehensive and professional private wealth management advice and services.

With many years of working experience, Shuang Li knows that she should not only pay attention to the wealth management of clients, but also the physical and mental health of client's family members in order to achieve a higher quality of life. We will focus on your needs together.