Kate Zhao

Regional Director - North American

A professional, meticulous and conscientious U.S. Private Wealth Planner. 11 years of experience in private wealth management. Since 2009, Kate Zhao has been serving clients immigrating to the United States and investing in the United States. She was an investment consultant in the private banking department of a well-known foreign bank and an expert in the US business group of the family office. Over the past 11 years, she has helped hundreds of families invest in the United States and assisted them with related tax issues. She is well aware of the needs and considerations of clients when investing in the United States, and hopes to help them make the right investment decisions by providing comprehensive and professional information.

Kate has done a lot of depth research on asset inheritance in the United States. She is familiar with the details of related US insurance products, US taxation and US trusts, and how to optimize the client's heritage through planning. The clients of JIA are very international, so Kate can provide professional service for Ethnic Chinese with US background! If you need Kate's service, please feel free to contact us!