Edwin Choi

In-House Lawyer

Edwin is lawyer by training and a teacher at heart. He is a solicitor of the High Court of the Hong Kong SAR, and was a part-time lecturer for the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. Edwin's expertise is in utilizing international asset structuring tools to help family members preserve assets for generations, and in designing family constitutions to help families pass on their values and wisdom.

Personally, Edwin is very passionate about the Rule of Law. For a society, the Rule of Law helps ensure a family's assets are well protected. For a family, agreeing to a set of rules means the parents can ensure family members can get along and thrive. Even when disputes arise, there is a set of rules, and dedicated people to enforce the rules, to ensure the family can reach a resolution, without bringing down the whole family in the costly legal disputes and emotional turmoil.

Edwin has a very happy family. So he knows full well that even happy families have ups and downs. So let alone unhappy families. Even when there is love in the family, there are always differences of expectations, miscommunications, and misunderstanding. Sometimes, having a third party with the skill set, experience and expertise, will help families weather storms that are bound to be awaiting. More often than not, a family with the prevention mindset can help clear a lot of unnecessary hurdles for its future generations. With Jia, Edwin is dedicated to teaching and helping families to bring prosperity, happiness and a sense of achievement for generations to come.