Antoine Martin (Ph.D)

Family Business Coach

Dr Antoine Martin is an entrepreneur, business adviser and university teacher who is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs reach their dream lives.

On a daily basis, Antoine challenges entrepreneurial minds, helps them to identify their own limitations, and pushes them to think outside their own box. This leads to reinventing businesses, to creating uniqueness and transforming cost structures.
While some have described Antoine as "the second CEO in the company", Antoine prefers to describe himself as a sounding board for entrepreneurs, and focuses on impacting their lives and businesses, one discussion at a time.

Co-founder of, an ed-tech platform that trains the next generation of entrepreneurs, Dr Antoine Martin also collaborates with our Family Office. With Jia, he develops and delivers life-changing business coaching and life coaching workshops available to our clients, on a personal or family basis.

As an educator, Antoine has given talks and workshops on strategic business thinking. He has also pushed dozens of students of all ages to think differently. He has delivered course on FinTech and Regtech business models to Engineering students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2019, has taught design thinking and business thinking at the Open University, and has given a "different" Asian perspective to numerous Western students.