About Jia



Society is changing and a lot of pressure is now put on families willing to preserve the future of the next generations. Beyond asset management, there is now a need for family culture and tradition preservation. What this means is simple: family offices cannot simply focus on business-as-usual anymore. Family cohesion must become their main concern.


The Jia family office is therefore on a mission to provide its clients with much more than financial management services. Day after day and year after year, we do our best to preserve your family by building human ties and by focusing on solving your problems. Because people are what really matters.


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Based in Hong Kong, the Jia Family office supports the lifestyle and traditions of Chinese and Asian families with traditional values and modern ambitions. Does your family need help to face 21st century challenges? Let us help you seize opportunities. Together, we can make your world a better place.

A unique expertise you can trust

Women have an increasingly important role in today's family management structures, hence Jia is mostly built around feminine expertises and skills borrowed from East and West. Our team members have taken care of family interests for over 25 years with cross-disciplinary methods which work. Should you be unhappy with your relationship with us, or should our leading experts fail to satisfy your expectations, then we will make it right. This is what families do, don't they?

Jia? So much more than a family office


Team Spirit, Family Culture

At Jia, we sincerely believe that your family should be at the heart of everything we do. Day after day and year after year, we strive to treat family members as unique clients, and we excel at preserving their interests, beyond money and asset management.

Our experts and partners support your family as team members support each other, but beyond this we become the unique support you always dreamed about. Having a family spirit is not just important, it is at the core of our DNA. It's as simple as that. So, how can we help you today?