So Much More Than a Family Office


Family is all we have.

Our children are our tomorrow, and our parents are often the reason why we are who we are. Preparing the future or our children is a priority but it takes work, while ensuring that our parents' tomorrow is comfortable and clear of complexity is also a challenge. So, how do we do?

In our opinion, something is missing. Families need help and there hundreds of family offices try to help them, but what they typically have to offer does not match the real-life needs of real people. Because this is what we all are. People.

Introducing JIA.

The New Generation of Family Office.

Happy Families?

See For Yourself.

"Five years ago, our whole family immigrated to Hong Kong and we have been lucky to know the team. During these years, we always got help and support from you and finally achieved our goals when we face various kinds of difficulties in our life. We were not surprised to learn that you turned into a family office - we knew it was just a matter of time. The problem for a family is always to find the right family manager you can trust and rely on. Looking back to these years we spent together, the first thing that impresses us is your sincerity, trust and responsibility. You are so focused and dedicated and put your whole heart to helping others, and that means the universe to us. Congratulations to you! To show our gratitude, we hope we can be of help when the time comes and wish you a very good start!"

-- The Yang Family, Shanghai

So Much More Than a Family office.

At Jia, we believe that what matters the most in a family office is the term 'Family', not 'office'. Hence, we focus on developing a family culture and on becoming the reliable hand you need.

Beyond the insurance and investment services every family office typically provides, we have decided to invest in family governance and family concierge support that no other family office provides. What else could we do?

Family-dedicated Experts, for You.

The Jia family office is built around a team of experts, highly experienced in their respective field, and totally dedicated to the idea that business-as-usual is not enough anymore.

From family governance and family concierge, immigration support, insurance services and, of course, investment and risk management in general, we are here to help and looking forward to serve. And you, what are you eager to achieve?

Please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to come back to you immediately. Let's make a difference together, please get in touch now!

Food for Thought.

Making a modern family strive is a challenge of every day. To help you move forward with your journey, our experts regularly produce new content that's instructive and challenging. Please have a look, and let us know how we can help!
  • Insurance: the safety net for family wealth
    Insurance: the safety net for family wealth
    Insurance, insurance, insurance! When investments are in place and everyone is focused on managing the portfolio with a joint sense of purpose, there are still a few planning details that need to be finalized to secure a family’s wealth. One of these is insurance.
  • Agility: the secret ingredient to successfully preserving family wealth
    Agility: the secret ingredient to successfully preserving family wealth
    Family wealth is hard to acquire and highly prized - but it can be just as easily lost if no agility is added to the equation. With the possibility that an affluent family may find itself going from ‘shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in just three generations’, according to the famous adage. Why should this be the case?
  • Do Women Make Better Wealth Managers?
    Do Women Make Better Wealth Managers?
    Managing family wealth is a complex balancing act that requires the agreement and co-operation of multiple generations over many years, and in most cases women take responsibility. From daily routines to long-term planning, they carry family values and family protection in their heart, and that gives them an undeniable advantage.


So Much More Than a Family Office